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MASKNE is the new acne

Contributed by Dr. Lim Wenkie Wearing a mask helps keep you and many others healthy when it comes to covid-19 or any other airborne transmitted disease. But it also means that we are putting our face at risk that may lead to skin irritations or acne. The term “maskne” is becoming such a commonly used […]


As we age, we lose an average 1 percent of collagen on our skin each year. Also, our rate of skin regeneration decreases about 7 percent each decade. Hence, as grow older, ageing gradually sets in –  resulting in dull looking skin. Aging may result from both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Intrinsic factors: Genetic factors […]

ABCDEs of Melanoma

Contributed by Dr. Lim Wenkie Moles are commonly seen on our skin. It is a skin growth that results from the clustering of melanocytes (pigmented cells). Most moles are actually benign and have no severe risk or threat to our health. However, some moles can become cancerous. You should get your moles evaluated regularly by […]